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Waiting to hire a lawyer after a car accident can have major consequences.

If you have been hurt due to the negligence of another person in a car wreck, you need a Las Vegas car accident lawyer on your side. At The Injury Firm, our car accident lawyers have over a decade of experience and have helped the residents of Nevada recover millions for their auto accidents. By hiring our law firm, we will make sure the reckless driver and their insurance company are held accountable. If they fail to offer a fair settlement, we have no problem taking them to trial. Whether your car accident was minor or catastrophic, you absolutely need an experienced personal injury attorney you can count on.

You should not wait to call a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer after being involved in a car accident. To begin the recovery process as quickly as possible, contact our law firm today or complete our online appointment request form where you can easily input the information regarding your car accident. This form will be used to schedule your free case review at our office off of West Charleston Boulevard, or if you do not have transportation, we will come to you.

All consultations are free and we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing until we win.

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Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

Brian Boyer, Esq. has recovered millions for his clients. He began his career working for a high-volume personal injury law firm in Nevada where he’d often handle upwards of 200 cases at any given time. However, his dedication and commitment to helping victims recover financially are what sparked his desire to join the Injury Firm. He promises to work hard for you and your loved ones. He will explore all resources available to get you the maximum settlement for your auto accident in as little time as possible.

With over a decade of experience, he understands how to negotiate maximum compensation. Therefore, if the insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement, he has no problem fighting for you in a trial.

Our accident attorneys are dedicated to helping car accident victims recover after a crash. We take every case understanding that in order to achieve aggressive results, you need aggressive representation. We have repeatedly been named as one of the best car accident attorneys in Las Vegas, NV.

When Should I Hire An Attorney For An Auto Accident?

Contacting a lawyer the day of the car accident is the best way to ensure your motor vehicle claim is handled as efficiently as possible. Although you can still hire one days or even weeks after the incident, a trusted accident lawyer can guide you on the appropriate steps to take following an accident. It will also serve as a safeguard in the event the insurance company attempts to reduce their liability by placing a portion of fault on you.

Waiting to file an accident claim can be devastating to your financial recovery. By waiting to file a claim, the insurance companies may question whether or not you were actually as injured as you claim to be, that your injuries are not severe. Although you technically have two years from the date of your injuries to file a claim, it is in your best interest to contact The Injury Firm immediately after a car accident to ensure the best results possible for your claim.

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Understanding Car Accidents in Las Vegas

In a recent report issued by the Zero Fatalities Campaign, in 2020, there were an estimated 314 fatalities from car accidents on Las Vegas roadways. This figure is up nearly 222% from 2019 where there were a total of 70 reported deaths and a reported 56,384 motor vehicle wrecks.

Auto accident attorney, Brian Boyer, has over a decade of experience helping those who have fallen victim to a car accident in Las Vegas. If you want to be able to recover the compensation you are entitled to, you should hire our law firm so we can paint a clear picture of the details surrounding your accident.

Regardless of the type of vehicle accident you were in, our Las Vegas attorneys are here to assist you 24/7. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an auto accident, contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation at our office off of West Charleston Boulevard. Call (702) 800-0988 or complete the contact form below.

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The largest number of crashes in the Las Vegas, NV valley occur between the hours of 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday saw the highest percentage of crashes, attributing to nearly 32% of total crashes. The month of October saw the highest number of crashes, with 5,072 while the month of January saw the least, with 4,128.

Although a good portion of accidents occurred on Nevada’s freeways and highways, over half of all accidents (55%) occurred on surface streets and at busy intersections. Some of the most dangerous streets in Las Vegas include:

  • Eastern Ave.
  • Blue Diamond Rd.
  • St. Rose Pkwy.
  • Flamingo Rd.
  • Decatur Blvd.
  • Desert Inn Rd.
  • Spring Mountain Rd.
  • Tropicana Ave.
  • Lake Mead Blvd.
  • Charleston Blvd.
  • Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Paradise Rd.
  • The Airport Connector.
  • Sunset Rd.
  • Hualapai Way.

We have handled various types of motor vehicle crashes. The most common vehicles that our accident attorneys have handled include:

Common Car Accident Injuries

Depending on the severity, a car wreck injury can last anywhere from a few weeks to the remainder of your life.  The type of crash you are involved in can play a major role in the injuries you sustain and the damages you can recover. Some collisions are less severe than others. For example, a minor fender-bender may be less debilitating than a catastrophic car crash. The most common injuries include:

It is critical that you work with an experienced accident attorney who understands how to properly assess your situation and document your ongoing medical treatment. The car accident attorneys at our law firm know how to communicate with medical providers to ensure proper records are submitted for those who have been injured in a wreck. Additionally, an accident attorney will be able to prove how your injuries have affected your life, both emotionally and financially, which will ultimately help you achieve a healthy financial recovery.

Contact our accident attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

Recoverable Damages in an Auto Accident

A common misnomer that most car accident victims believe is that the insurance companies are on your side. This simply is not the case. In most cases, it is the exact opposite. Insurance companies are in business to make money, not to give it away. Therefore, when you have been involved in a car crash, an adjuster will attempt to contact you almost immediately. They will ask for incriminating information that can be used against your case. They may also try to offer you a fast settlement offer. Although that may sound enticing, it is important to note that any settlement that is offered without a thorough investigation will almost always be significantly lower than what you are actually owed. If this happens, you should contact a Las Vegas car accident attorney right away to ensure your rights are adequately protected.

A lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement offer that is large enough to cover all of your damages after an automobile accident. From start to finish, we will build a strong case that proves negligence, and a case that proves that the negligence caused your accident injuries. This is not an easy task. The insurance companies will employ tactics that only those with extensive legal experience know how to fight. With over 10 years of experience, our attorneys know how to negotiate the damages that you deserve. If the insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement, we will take them to trial.

Common areas of compensation you are entitled to recover include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Let’s talk about property damage for a minute. Once your vehicle has been taken to an auto repair shop, they will determine whether your car is repairable or a total loss. This information will be relayed to the insurance adjuster and will be calculated into the settlement offer. However, if you fail to hire a knowledgeable attorney, this offer will likely be significantly lower than what you are actually entitled to.  Your attorney will be able to evaluate the property damage claim and add it to your accident claim to achieve the highest settlement offer possible. Common questions asked regarding property damage include:

Does the insurance company cover repairs to my car?

The insurance company of the negligent driver is responsible for paying for the repairs to your car. If the person responsible is uninsured or underinsured, you may need to go through your personal insurance company to assist with your property damage repairs. An experienced property damage attorney can help you determine who is responsible for the accident and can even help file a lawsuit if required.

My car is totaled. Will the insurance company cover a rental?

You lost your vehicle due to the negligence of another driver. You shouldn’t have to foot the bill of a replacement vehicle due to a mistake that was made by someone else. If your vehicle is considered a total loss, the insurance company should cover the cost of a rental until they issue you a check for the current value of your car. If the insurance company refuses to provide this service to you, an auto repair lawyer will be able to help you by demanding rental coverage pursuant to Nevada law. For this reason, hiring a property damage attorney immediately after an accident is critical if you wish to achieve a healthy financial recovery.

Will the insurance company replace my car?

If your vehicle is totaled, the insurance company will cut you a check for the current market value of your vehicle. If you believe they are offering you an amount that is significantly lower than the true value of your car, you need to hire a Las Vegas attorney immediately to assist you with negotiations.

What Is My Auto Accident Injury Worth?

Following an injury, you are entitled to recover economic, non-economic, and in some cases, punitive damages. Economic damages include tangible losses, like medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. Non-economic damages are damages that cannot be physically proven but implied. These types of damages involve loss of consortium and emotional pain and suffering.

That being said, every personal injury claim is unique, and the financial outcome of your case will hinge greatly on the above factors. If you are questioning what your case is worth, contact us at any time for a free consultation.

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Auto Insurance FAQs

You shouldn’t say much. Do not, under any circumstance, provide any details regarding your car accident. Kindly advise the insurance adjuster you are planning on hiring an attorney who will handle all communications. You may do this even if you have not yet hired an attorney. If you have hired an attorney, provide the adjuster with their contact information.

No. You do not have to speak with them. It is your right to hire an attorney, so you can simply let them know that you are planning on doing so. They shouldn’t argue.

Absolutely not. Insurance companies are notorious for offering low-ball offers to car accident victims. Many people do not know this and out of desperation, they accept the first offer. Unfortunately, the initial offer is usually significantly lower than what they are actually owed. The insurance companies know this, and they are preying on you in your time of weakness. For example, they may offer you a quick $5,000 to hurry up and close the claim. In reality, your claim could be worth 3x that amount!

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The insurance company of the negligent driver who caused the auto accident will pay for your injuries, medical expenses, and other car repair bills.

You need to proceed with caution when it comes to speaking to the insurance company after an accident. Anything you say can, and usually will be used against you when it comes to paying out your claim. If the insurance company contacts you, avoid the following:

  • Do not provide a statement right after the accident. You are not thinking clearly and you are likely still in shock.
  • Do not admit fault. Describe the factual details of what happened, but do not, under any circumstance admit fault.
  • Do not say you feel fine. Until you have been evaluated by a doctor, you have no way of knowing if you are injured or not.
  • Do not agree to give a recorded statement. Unless otherwise instructed by your personal injury attorney, never agree to this.
  • Do not sign a release authorizing the insurance adjuster to access your medical records. The adjuster may want to review your records to search for a pre-existing condition that will ultimately
  • Medical records. Do not sign a release permitting an insurance adjuster to have access to your medical records. The insurance company may look through your medical file looking for pre-existing conditions that could jeopardize your claim.

A skilled car accident attorney understands the negotiation process along with the loopholes insurance companies will try to go through. Our lawyers know how to manage the process and can provide car accident victims with the compensation they are rightfully owed.

Contact our Las Vegas car accident attorney today for a free and confidential consultation. He is available for you 24/7. At The Injury Firm, you pay nothing until we win, and we have a proven history of doing just that.

Nevada’s Rule of Negligence

In order to file a successful accident claim, your lawyer has to prove negligence. In other words, they will have to prove that the other party involved failed to act in a reasonable manner. Therefore, gathering evidence in a timely manner will hold a great effect on your ability to recover maximum compensation.

To file a successful car accident claim, we will have to prove the following:

  • The other driver was engaging in negligent behavior and breaking the rules of the road.
  • The other driver’s actions were a direct result of the accident.
  • Your injuries were caused by the accident. We must prove that the injuries your doctor is treating you for are directly caused by the accident.
  • Emotional and physical losses must be proven.

If you were partially at-fault, you may still have an injury claim

Even if you were partly to blame for a car accident, you still have options for recovering. The State of Nevada employs the comparative negligence rule, which indicates that as long as you are less than 50 percent to blame for an accident, you can still recover financially. If you are found to be more than 50 percent liable for an accident, you are not entitled to compensation and may end up as the defendant. You need a lawyer on your side who knows how to work with Nevada’s negligence laws.

At our personal injury law firm, we know how to create a strong argument that will present well in litigation and/or trial. We can help you recover all of the damages you are owed, and we promise to help you get what you deserve.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured in A Car Accident? (Hint: Hire A Car Accident Attorney)

car accident lawyerA wreck can happen when you least expect it to, and your car crash injuries can negatively affect you for the rest of your life. If you are unsure as to what you should do after a car accident, this part is for you. The first thing you should do after an accident is to move out of the way to avoid becoming even more injured. You should do this with caution, however, as there could be traffic and other debris that could possibly cause more harm. Next, you should contact the police on the emergency line by calling 911. The ambulance will arrive at the scene where they will transport you to the nearest hospital. Once this has been done, you should:

  • Call 9-1-1 to report the accident injury
  • Provide a statement to the police, but do not admit fault.
  • Gather a list of all parties and witnesses involved.
  • Pull out your phone or grab a piece of paper to list the series of events as they happened. Do this while your memory is still fresh.
  • Obtain medical treatment immediately. This is a very important step. Even if your injuries do not seem critical, if left untreated, they can later develop into a more serious condition.
  • Contact an accident lawyer. Do not speak with the insurance companies until you have done so. If they contact you before you’ve had a chance to hire a legal representative, you may kindly advise them that you are in the process of doing so and once you do, they will contact them on your behalf.

It is crucial that you consult with a car accident lawyer before providing any type of statement to the insurance companies. They will likely contact you within days or even hours following the accident in an attempt to collect a statement. If this happens, simply advise them that you are in the process of setting up a personal injury claim and your attorney will contact them.

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How Long Do I Have To File An Automobile Accident Injury Claim?

The State of Nevada provides accident victims a limited amount of time to file a claim following a car wreck. These statutes are:

  • Car accidents: A lawsuit must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.
  • Wrongful death: If a loved one has passed away in an accident, you must file a claim within two years of the death.
  • Medical malpractice: You have three years from the date of the treatment to file a claim.

Exceptions to this rule

There are a few things to consider when filing a claim. For starters, you will notice that a motor vehicle accident claim must be filed within two years of your injury. Let’s say you were in a wreck on 03/01/2019. You didn’t begin to notice your injuries until a month later, and you saw your doctor on 04/01/2019. Under this statute, you would technically have until 04/01/2021 to file your vehicle accident claim. However, it is highly advisable that you contact a lawyer well before this date as waiting will only complicate the car accident claims process.

An exception to this rule includes accident victims who are under the age of 18. The statute of limitations for minors begins at the age of 18. In other words, they have until their 18th birthday + 2 years to file an accident claim.

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Car accidents affect the residents of Las Vegas multiple times a day in Nevada. Many times, those who have become hurt will require medical care that can last a few months, a few years, and in some cases, for the rest of their lives. They become severely impacted and lose the ability to do some of the things that most people don’t think twice about each and every day. Our lawyer has 10 years of experience and has awarded its clients millions of dollars in compensation. Our concrete understanding of car accident negotiations and the legal processes at play allow us to do what other personal injury law firms struggle to do.


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