Bus Accident AttorneyBuses, whether public or privately owned, are known as common carriers. Common carriers are held to higher standards than typical passenger vehicles. That means that the driver of the bus needs to exercise a higher level of care than the typical non-commercial motorist. Failure to adhere to strict rules of the road exposes the bus company to a lawsuit if their conduct results in an accident. This is the case whether you are injured as a passenger on the bus, an occupant of a vehicle hit by the bus, or a pedestrian on the road. If you have been injured in this type of accident, you should contact our Las Vegas bus accident attorney at (702) 800-0988 immediately.

Bus accidents and the lack of passenger safety

Buses are inherently dangerous because of their large size. They are difficult to maneuver, meaning that they don’t turn, stop, or accelerate very well. Their weight makes them extremely dangerous when they are involved in a collision with a standard passenger vehicle. Due to physics, the moving object with the most mass will cause greater damage to an object with less mass. This can spell disastrous results for the occupants of a motor vehicle involved in an accident with a bus. Serious injuries are typical for individuals who have been involved in a bus accident, resulting in an injury.

Bus accidents statistics

There are roughly 117,000 bus accidents in the United States each year. Sometimes, the occupants of a bus are injured when they are involved in an accident with another vehicle. Most buses that are used for public transportation do not have seat belts, which causes the occupants to be thrown about the cabin in a violent way if they are involved in an accident with another vehicle. The injuries can be either soft tissue or involve fractures of bones. Regardless of the type of injury, the person who is injured as a passenger is likely to have a viable claim against another party. Passengers in bus cases are almost always negligent free.

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Causation and Las Vegas bus accidents

The most common problem with bus accident passenger cases typically involves causation. Whenever a bus driver or a third party driver causes an accident, the insurance companies will try to avoid paying out on a claim by asserting that there is no way that the collision “caused” the injuries that the passengers are complaining of. We have handled countless cases, where insurance companies refuse to pay up as a result of minor impacts involving buses, after retaining a biomechanics expert to testify that the accident forces were not strong enough to cause the injuries that the passenger claims is related to the accident. This is a very difficult argument to overcome, especially if there are other passengers on the bus that are willing to testify that the accident didn’t feel very violent in nature.

On the contrary, when another vehicle is hit by a bus and it is the bus driver’s fault, both the driver of the car and the other occupants could have a solid argument for causation. This is because it is not hard for a jury to believe that the occupants of a passenger car were injured when they were hit by a bus. These types of cases can be very valuable if they are built up properly by an experienced personal injury attorney, who knows how to make the most out of your claim. This includes, being sent to the right doctors, proper coaching for testimony, and engaging in an investigation that will support your injury claim.

Bus accidents involving pedestrians and persons operating bicycles are also very frequent and also can be very lucrative if built up properly. In those types of cases, it is usually a liability and not causation, which is the most common method of avoiding liability. Luckily, if you have an attorney who properly lays the correct foundation for your accident case, you can stand to potentially collect serious compensation for your injuries.

Taking action after a bus accident

If you have been injured in a bus accident, you need to protect your well-being and your rights by getting an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Even if your injuries do not seem bad, your overall condition may not be adequately diagnosed and could potentially grow worse. Do not be worry about whether or not your health insurance will cover your medical expenses. We have ways to get you seen even in the absence of active health insurance. It is imperative that you get the proper health care you need after a bus accident so that your case can be

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If you have been hurt as the result of a bus accident, then you should stop what you are doing and immediately contact lawyer, Brian Boyer to discuss your Las Vegas bus accident case. You can be fully compensated for your injuries if your case is properly handled by a knowledgeable attorney. Bus companies typically carry commercial policy limits with high limits. That can mean considerable compensation for your injuries, including medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. You need to contact a Las Vegas car accident attorney immediately to discuss your options for recovery.

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