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As we go about our everyday lives, we engage in various activities that some people long for. We meet our friends for lunch. We get a great workout at the gym. We cook dinner for our families. We can walk outside and soak up the sunshine.

Hundreds of thousands of people become severely injured each year and unfortunately, they lose the ability to do some of these things. Catastrophic injury victims endure long-term disability and a good fraction of them never fully recover. At The Injury Firm, our award-winning Las Vegas catastrophic injury attorney is here to help injury victims of Las Vegas recover the financial compensation they deserve for these life-changing injuries.

Do you have a catastrophic injury?

A catastrophic injury occurs when the injury is so severe that it alters your daily life for a long period of time. They are injuries that can suddenly or gradually worsen. They will leave you with ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy. Injuries that are classified as catastrophic include, but are not limited to:

  • Back and spine damage: A back injury can leave you with permanent or temporary paralysis, paraplegia,  loss of sensation in extremities, and chronic back pain.
  • Brain injuries: One of the more severe, life-altering injuries, brain damage can cause cognitive, emotional, and mental disability. It can result in loss of motor function, vertigo, and in some extreme cases, it can leave you in a coma. 
  • Burns, cuts, lacerations, and amputations: Permanent scarring, loss of limbs, and severe organ damage, and body modification are all injury types that we would consider catastrophic. 

Our Clients Always Come First

Attorney, Brian Boyer has over a decade of experience. He has recovered millions of dollars for automobile accident injury victims in the following areas:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Wrongful death accidents

He began his career in personal injury law at a heavily-commercialized law firm where he would often handle upwards of 300 cases at any given time. Wanting to connect with his clients on a more personal level in combination with his unmatched ability to secure maximum compensation for his clients, he decided to join The Injury Firm. He is available to serve you and your loved ones personally. 

Why Work With The Injury Firm?

Our knowledgeable Las Vegas catastrophic injury attorney can help you from start to finish, and he is always available to help you 24/7. With over a decade of experience, he has successfully recovered millions for our injured clients. If you or a loved one have developed a catastrophic injury, please do not hesitate to contact our attorney for a free case review.

Compensation you deserve

If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a catastrophic injury, you absolutely need to speak with an attorney. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to achieve a full financial award. The attorneys at The Injury Firm are ready to put our expertise and dedication to work for you. We will fight ruthlessly to ensure the negligent party is held responsible, and we will not settle until we have reached maximum compensation.


Schedule a free consultation with our law firm by completing the form on this page, or by calling (702) 800-0988. All consultations are free. Our attorney has been named one of the top injury lawyers in Las Vegas, NV. You can rest assured knowing that by contacting us, your case is in competent hands.

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