Finding the best injury attorney for your specific needs is critical to the outcome of your case. When you are in the process of interviewing, you should base your decision on these five critical points:

1. Open Communication. A good lawyer will educate you on the best route to take following your personal injury claim. You should leave the consultation feeling confident that they know how to build your case, and that you will achieve maximum compensation for your injury claim.

2. Honest Communication. A good lawyer will not promise you “millions” on the spot. That is both reckless and, in most cases, nearly impossible to calculate based on one consultation. What they should promise you is that, if they believe you have a case, that they will work it up in a way that will provide you with maximum compensation. A great attorney will always under-promise and over-deliver. A bad attorney will do the exact opposite.

3. Provide References. Check out their online reviews. If they don’t have many, that isn’t necessarily a sign that they aren’t good at what they do. You can ask for personal referrals, and if you’re feeling extra, conduct a Google search using the attorney’s full name to discover any negative feedback from previous clients.

4. They’ll have a clean and organized office. The last thing you want is to walk into an attorney’s office with case files piled up on the floor. That indicates that either a). They are overwhelmed with clients and your case won’t receive as much attention as it should, or b). they are unorganized–and your case won’t receive as much attention as it should.

5. They Should Have Experience. This goes without saying. Many attorneys like to get their hands wet in various types of law. Would you rather sign with an attorney who “dabbles” in personal injury every now and then, or an attorney who dedicates 100% of their time to personal injury law?

At The Injury Firm, we check all of the above boxes, and we dedicate 100% of our time to personal injury law. It’s what we do best, and we’re dang good at it. Just ask our hundreds of satisfied clients!

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, please do not hesitate to give Attorney, Brian Boyer a call. Day or night, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because at The Injury Firm, our clients always come first.


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