What should you do when you get hit by a car?

Statistically speaking, you will experience around 3-4 automobile accidents throughout the course of your driving lifetime. That said, being hit by a car can be a frightening experience. Depending on the speed and circumstances surrounding the accident (pedestrian vs. motorcycle vs. automobile), walking away from the accident without serious damages or injury may not be an option. So, what do you do when you’ve been hit by a car?

After you’ve been hit by a car

Right after a car accident, your mind will likely be swarmed with thoughts of what you should do next, who you should call, whether or not you should seek medical treatment, etc…The most important thing you should focus on is your recovery–both physically and financially–and knowing what steps to take to ensure you are adequately protected is imperative. Here are the most crucial things you need to do following an accident:

  • Stay calm and move out of harm’s way – Take a minute to collect your thoughts and ensure you are not seriously injured. Once you have done so, if you do not require immediate medical attention, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in a safe area. If it is not, you’ll want to turn your emergency lights on (if they are still operational) and move to a safe location, such as a nearby sidewalk.
  • Keep the other driver(s) at the scene – Once it is safe to exit your vehicle, you’ll want to approach the other drivers. Collect any identifiable information (such as make/model of their vehicle and their license plate numbers) in the event the accident was a Las Vegas hit and run. If you have a chance to speak with them, ask them to remain at the scene.
  • Contact the police – Call the police immediately (or 911 if anyone is injured). Make sure you file a police report at the scene of the crash.
  • Collect additional information – Presuming the other drivers did not flee the scene, while you await the police to arrive, collect their insurance information and take photos of all damages and any hazardous roadway conditions that you believe could have contributed to your accident.
  • Seek medical attention – If you wish to recover financially, you MUST seek medical attention ASAP. Do not put this off. Even if your injuries seem minor, the longer you wait, the more the insurance company will argue that you weren’t really injured.
  • Start an insurance claim – Next to seeking medical attention, this step is just as important! The longer you wait to file a claim, the more of a chance you have of your claim being denied!
  • Call an injury lawyer – Having a personal injury attorney on your side is an important factor in the claims process. Your injury lawyer will provide you with solid legal advice and will help you achieve the maximum compensation possible for your accident injuries.

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