Hit And Run Lawyer Las Vegas

In the State of Nevada, motorists who are involved in a car accident are required to take various steps following a car crash. Unfortunately, not all do.

The Injury Firm Las Vegas is a law firm that prides itself on helping people that have been injured due to another driver who has left the scene of an accident, leaving you high and dry. Our experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer has handled countless cases involving hit and runs. Our attorneys will help you find out who hit you through their extensive knowledge in investigating coverage in these types of accidents. We are available 24 hours a day to take your calls and answer any immediate questions. If you call us, day or night, you will be able to speak to a highly skilled attorney to best answer your questions regarding your auto accident case.

What Is A Hit And Run?

A hit and run accident occurs whenever there is a motor vehicle accident and one of the parties fails to stop at the scene or refuses to exchange information. This usually occurs when the other party should not be driving for some reason or another. Perhaps they are intoxicated, don’t have insurance, a valid drivers license, or are engaging in some other type of illegal activity. NRS 484E.010 through 484E.030 requires that anyone involved in an accident involving property damage or personal injury to stop and exchange their information with the other party involved in the accident. It even requires that you render reasonable assistance to the other party if it appears necessary. This means that failing to stop and abide by the requirements of NRS 484E is an illegal, a crime, and punishable by law.

Penalties For The Negligent Driver

There are both civil and criminal penalties involved in being involved in a hit and run accident. You could receive a citation or even go to jail. Some insurance companies will refuse to defend you if you were involved in a hit and run, meaning that you could end up with a big punitive damage award against you and have to pay the bill. If you get a judgment against you and don’t pay it, then you could even have your wages garnished.

Who Is Held Liable In A Hit And Run?

Standard negligence rules apply when determining who is at fault for causing a hit and run accident. So it is actually possible that the person that fled or flees from the scene of an accident is not the liable party for the negligence/personal injury claims. For instance, if you run a red light and hit another party but that party leaves the scene without providing information, then they are still not liable for causing your injuries pursuant to a negligence cause of action. They may be subject to punitive damages or other damages if the damages result from their failure to render aid as required by NRS 484E.030, however, they are not at fault for causing the accident and their insurance company will not likely pay out any money for injuries resulting from the loss.

I Was Injured In A Hit And Run Accident. What Do I Do Now?

If you were injured in a hit and run accident, you should immediately call the police and report the accident. Additionally, if you observed the license plate or any other identifying features of the other motor vehicle, you should write them down, as memory fades quickly after a traumatic event. So the quicker you write the license plate down, the more likely it is going to be accurate. You should also ask the people around you if they witness any of the events and whether they have any useful information. If they do, you should ask them to write it down along with their information so you can provide it to the police.

What Can I Do if the Other Driver Cannot Be Located

If the other driver cannot be located by the police, you should immediately contact an experienced personal injury lawyer, like one of the attorneys at the Injury Firm Las Vegas to see if we can help you. If you have a license plate number then we can investigate the plate and determine if there is a policy that can be used to pursue a personal injury claim. That way you will not be out of luck for your injury claim. Other options include subpoenaing nearby surveillance footage of local businesses to determine if the footage would be helpful in identifying the suspect.

What about UM/UIM Coverage?

Under-Insured Motorist/Uninsured motorist coverage can apply in a hit and run accident. In fact, if you provide the information available to your insurance company, they can sometimes locate the policy for the other driver using their own systems. Insurance adjusters are basically investigators for accidents and they can sometimes be helpful in these situations. Regardless, your Uninsured Motorist coverage will likely apply to your hit and run claim as long as it was not a single car accident, i.e. you got run off the road by someone. There needs to be an actual impact for the coverage to apply. In that case, you can still pursue your personal injury claim through your own insurance. Hopefully, you have that type of coverage, because not everyone pays the extra premium for UM/UIM coverage but it is well worth it in these types of situations.

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