As technology is ever-advancing, it should come as no surprise that self-driving cars have become a hot commodity lately. Autonomous vehicles are in abundance in Las Vegas, NV, and lawmakers are tasked with creating new laws to govern them. As of today, the laws that govern self-driving cars in the State of Nevada are still in development.

If you’re reading this page, you are likely wondering what the self-driving car laws are in Nevada. Here’s what you need to know:

self-driving car laws in Nevada autonomous vehicle

What are the laws for self-driving cars in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada does have laws for autonomous automobiles. The current laws can be found in the Nevada Revised Statutes 482A. Additionally, the legislature has permitted the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to create additional laws as they come to light. Here is a brief outline of the existing laws governing self-driving cars in the State of Nevada:

The laws for self-driving vehicles in Nevada are as follows:

  • Manufacturers are required to meet detailed requirements for vehicle testing and safety before allowing their vehicles on the road
  • Manufacturers are required to maintain, at a minimum, a $5 million insurance policy to test their vehicles on Nevada roadways
  • The operator of a self-driving car must be able to take control of the vehicle in event of an emergency
  • All operators must have a special endorsement for autonomous vehicles in Nevada
  • The self-driving car operators must meet insurance minimums for at-fault accidents, including personal injury and property damage

What self-driving cars are legal in the State of Nevada?

To have a legal self-driving car in the State of Nevada, the vehicle manufacturer must certify that the car has met all required criteria in the State of Nevada. They can do so by submitting an autonomous vehicle testing registry application with the Department of Motor Vehicles, provide proof of insurance, and pay any accompanying fees.

Who Is Liable In A Self-Driving Car Accident?

When autonomous vehicles malfunction, Nevada products liability laws come into play. Product liability laws require all companies that manufacture and sell products to ensure that their products are made to perform safely. If a vehicle fails to function as intended or has a flaw in its design, the car manufacturer is legally responsible for the injuries and property damages that result from any potential accident. Therefore, if the accident was caused by a manufacturer defect, if the car fails to operate as it was designed to do and it was a direct result of your accident, the manufacturer is held legally responsible.

However, if the accident occurs because of the actions of the driver, and an automobile defect was not directly to blame, the driver will be held liable.

Las Vegas Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyers

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