“As a second-generation attorney, I have spent the majority of my life completely submerged in the legal industry. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work alongside some of the most successful practitioners in the field of personal injury. In doing so, I’ve witnessed first-hand the comparative nature between those who practice with exceptionalism and the repercussions bequeathed by those who practice with mediocrity.” – Attorney, Brian Boyer

As a law firm founded with the “client-first” mentality, we know a thing or two about providing exceptional service. We have to assume that it is not just potential clients that visit our site and that every so often an attorney stumbles upon our page. Therefore, we have made the following article to provide some important considerations if you are discovering ways to grow your practice by becoming the best personal injury attorney possible.

Be Passionate

I have learned that the old adage, “if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life” is true on so many different levels. All of the best personal injury attorneys that I know love what they do. They don’t just love the prestige, or the money, or the power that comes with being a top personal injury attorney. They genuinely love helping people. They are passionate about solving problems that are inherent in personal injury cases. They enjoy fighting big insurance defense firms for their clients. The best personal injury attorneys eat, breathe, and sleep plaintiff tort law. They are the ones that attend conferences all across the United States to gain an advantage over their opposition. They are the ones that will spend days preparing for a deposition or hearing. They will stop at nothing until they are confident that they will not just do well but win.

If your personal injury attorney is passionate about the law, they will make sure that your case stands the best chance at having a positive outcome. If your personal injury lawyer is involved in you and your case, by taking a personal interest in your situation, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and will likely end up happy with the results. In the end, personal injury cases are simply about the results. No attorney can turn back the hands of time or jump into a time machine to make it so that your injury never happened, all they can do is seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Communication is Key

If you maintain proper lines of communication with your client, you are likely to keep them happy throughout the course of your representation. Clients are typically easy to keep happy in this regard and conversely, there is nothing that upsets them quicker than being kept in the dark about their case. Not once in my ten years of practice have I ever been told by a client that I was providing too much information or was keeping them too informed about their case. It simply does not happen. They want to feel like their case is the only case that matters to you at all times. Although it is impossible to only maintain one client as a personal injury attorney, you can make your clients feel like you are taking a deep interest in their case by providing them with regular updates on their case.

One thing that the Injury Firm | Las Vegas does to ensure that their clients are happy with the communication is to provide them with the managing attorney’s cell phone number. We encourage them to call or text at any time that they please. The clients have been ecstatic when they receive quick responses to their questions. For more difficult questions that might require a conference call, we can text them for their availability to set that up and they are just as happy as if their question was answered right then and there. It’s always a great feeling when a client is happy about your services and this is one area that is so easy to maintain but many law firms out there simply fall flat by ignoring their clients, when all they want is a bit of information on their case.

Always be Diligent

An attorney has an ethical duty to their client to represent them diligently, however, you can be diligent in many other ways that will help you to become the best personal injury attorney. For instance, you should be diligent in responding to potential new cases. Although you have no duty to promptly take a phone call from a person that you do not represent, you could miss out on a great opportunity to represent someone with an amazing case if you are not quickly returning new intake calls. Every intake call that you receive is a potential new case and a potential learning experience that will make you a better attorney. The more experience that you obtain, the better you will become in your practice area. You could miss out on a high-profile case that could be a stepping stone to you becoming legendary within the legal community.

Bravery Wins Cases

The bravest attorneys are always the ones that stand out when it comes to litigating cases. They are not afraid to spend money on the best experts and spend the time that it takes to adequately prepare for trial. They will not be pushed around by defense attorneys who feel that their clients’ cases are weak. They will not accept low settlement offers because they are afraid of going to trial. They will stop at nothing because they are not afraid to lose. Ironically, these are the types of personal injury attorneys that win cases. It is quite simple, bravery wins personal injury cases.

Don’t Be Greedy

When we say don’t be greedy, we really mean listening to the clients’ wants/needs and avoiding your own ego when it comes to important decisions about their case. The most common scenario where greed becomes a major source of concern is where an attorney will ignore the client’s desires and pressure them into doing something that is better for the attorney.

This usually occurs at the settlement negotiation level and it can happen in two different manners. The first is where the attorney feels like the case might be too difficult or they simply do not want to spend a lot of time litigating their client’s case, so they pressure their client to accept a low-ball settlement, so they can move on to their next case. Not only is this unethical, but it also makes you a bad attorney. A good personal injury attorney should pull out all the stops until their client is completely satisfied.

However, the second scenario is where an overzealous attorney wants to pursue a case because their ego or desire to maximize the value of the case goes beyond the desires of the client. For instance, the attorney might be presented with an offer that the client wants to take but the attorney will try to convince the client to continue pushing forward, even though it means that they potentially lose the case at trial. This is also unethical but for different reasons.

So, the best way to avoid these issues is to listen to your client and do what they want to do after they are fully informed of any and all implications to their injury case.

In conclusion

Those who strive for exceptionalism have proven time and again how the fruits of hard work and labor can result in a long, bountiful, and fulfilling career with an undisputed reputation. They are invested in every case. They understand the stress and pressure their clients are under, so they are compassionate and understanding. Most importantly, they do not, under any circumstance, surrender to a hard fight because they understand the responsibility they have to represent their clients with a “client-first” mentality.

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