It is widely known that most car accident cases are settled through informal negotiations. Unless the case involved an extraordinary circumstance, it is not likely that your case will advance to litigation or even trial. Although not recommended, if you or a loved one were involved in a minor car accident, you may be able to successfully manage your case without the help of an attorney. However, if you do wish to represent yourself, or even if you’re considering hiring a lawyer, you will want to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of personal injury law.

Understanding damages in a personal injury claim

The basis behind every personal injury claim revolves around damages. In almost every injury claim, you will account for your economic and non-economic damages. Lost wages, medical bills, and auto repair bills all fall under economic damages as they are tangible and can be easily accounted for. Pain and suffering are categorized as non-economic damages. Pain and suffering are formally known as any mental or physical distress that you may seek damages for out of our car accident claim.  When calculating these damages, the adjuster will account for the seriousness of your car accident and the associated injuries.

Tip: Keep the adjuster informed of your injuries

Deciding if you want to hire a lawyer

Depending on the seriousness of your injury claim, retaining a personal injury law firm may end up saving you time and money. If you’re not sure how serious your claim is, you can always call our Las Vegas car accident lawyer for a free consultation at (702) 800-0988, or you may continue reading to learn more.

How serious are your injuries?

If you have been involved in a small accident, the insurance company could let liability go undisputed and cut you a check right then and there. However, if you were involved in a more serious accident, an accident that involves damages such as pain and suffering, you will absolutely want to get a personal injury lawyer involved. The more serious your injuries are, the higher probability it is that you’ll need an attorney.

Do you have sufficient evidence?

You will need evidence to prove damages. Evidence like medical records, witness statements, photographs, police reports, etc… If there is no evidence of your pain and suffering, the insurance company (or the court) will assume that you did not actually suffer from the damages claimed. A lawyer can help you gather all of the necessary evidence.

Can you prove the other driver was at fault?

If you are making a claim against the other driver or his or her insurance company, you’ll have to make sure the other driver was at fault for the accident. As long as it’s obvious that the other driver caused the accident, it’ll be easy to move forward with your claim without an attorney. However, if fault becomes disputed, or if the other driver denies liability, you should immediately contact our law firm for a free consultation.

Are you comfortable calculating your damages?

You need to state a specific amount of pain and suffering damages, even though there’s no set equation to calculate this type of damages. However, it is improper to use the “multiplier” method to calculate pain and suffering damages in Nevada. If you’re unable to come up with a specific value of your pain and suffering damages, you should contact a personal injury lawyer, as they can use their professional knowledge and experience to calculate the maximum amount of damages you suffered.

Contact The Injury Firm | Las Vegas for help with your personal injury claim

You should carefully consider the above factors when deciding whether or not you should proceed with an experienced lawyer. As tempting as it may sound to save attorney’s fees by managing your case alone, the truth of the matter is that you may actually make MORE if you hire our law firm. An experienced injury lawyer can help you maximize the compensation awarded for damages. Contact Attorney, Brian Boyer today at (702) 800-0988 for a free consultation.


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