Keep Track Of Your Bills Related To The Accident

If you want to be fully compensated for all of your damages, make sure that you keep all related bills and receipts related to your accident. Many do not consider the high amount of bills that are related to accidents. There can be expenses for prescriptions, over the counter medications, medical braces, rideshares, rental cars, body shops, auto mechanics, etc. These are all damages, known as economic damages, that you can be entitled to if they are caused by an accident. It is important to keep these bills in a safe place, preferably, send them to your attorney, who can keep them safe in your file. They can be used by your attorney to make sure that you receive every penny that you are owed.

Lost Wages and Income

Other types of economic damages are lost wages and income. These are very difficult damages to secure during litigation but it is important to know what needs to be done to stand a chance at recovering on a lost wages claim. First and foremost, a medical doctor needs to opine that you are excused from work due to your injuries. The doctor needs to put in his or her records that you cannot work due to your injuries. If a doctor does not opine that you cannot work, a lost wage claim will be difficult. There is a high burden on Plaintiffs to demonstrate that they could not work due to the accident. If the injuries are not severe enough, you need to keep working to mitigate your damages.

Once a doctor tells you that you cannot work due to your injuries, it is time to start thinking about how to calculate your lost wages. If you are an employee, it is simple. You just calculate how much time you missed from work and arrive at a figure based on what you make per pay period. It can get more complex if a good portion of your income is from tips or bonuses. It becomes exponentially more complicated if you are self-employed or are paid as a 10-99 independent contractor. Under those types of circumstances, the parties are likely to rely on tax returns to arrive at a calculation for lost income. It is important to look at multiple years of earnings to arrive at an average in most cases involving self-employment.

If you believe that your future earning capacity may have been affected by an injury or injuries after an accident, then you must consider hiring an economist expert to present evidence at trial. Without an economist’s loss of future earning, capacity claims are difficult, if not impossible to secure as damages.

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