When Should I Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident

Car accidents kill 32,000 people each year in the United States alone. Over 2 million people suffer car accident-related injuries each year as a result of negligent vehicle operators. Those statistics alone are enough to make you want to keep a car accident lawyer on speed dial. Why? Because even if you are not suing another party, having an attorney on your side helps you receive the maximum amount possible when dealing with the insurance companies.

In this post, we are going to explain when to get a car accident attorney following an accident, and what types of car accidents justify hiring an injury lawyer.

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When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

If your auto accident is minor, it is likely that you will not need a lawyer. Typical minor accidents include slow-moving accidents (say, in a parking lot) where neither party is injured and there is no vehicle damage.

In this scenario, you can simply go through the insurance companies (if there is property damage) and carry on without the help of a lawyer. However, there are other situations where you should retain a lawyer. These situations include:

  • Serious Injuries. A serious injury includes broken bones, back, neck, or nerve damage, or any other type of injury that can cause long-term pain and suffering.
  • Death. Car accidents involving death should undoubtedly be handled by an attorney.
  • Fault. If it is likely that you were at fault for the accident, you should retain an attorney immediately.
  • Construction Zone. Accidents that occur in a construction/work zone can be detrimental. Typical construction zone accidents can include motor vehicle vs. motor vehicle, motor vehicle vs. worker, or motor vehicle vs. equipment. 
  • Inaccurate police report. A police report includes inaccurate information can hurt you long-term. Especially if the report points blame at you. If this is the case, you’ll need to retain a lawyer asap.
  • Additional Parties. If additional parties are involved, including other attorneys, it is highly advisable that you retain counsel yourself.
  • Insurance Issues. If any automobile involved in the accident does not have adequate insurance coverage, you should hire an attorney.

You should also seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer if your:

  • Accident fault is unclear
  • Unsure of your rights
  • Unsure of your policy limits
  • Insurance company is being difficult
  • Not sure if your insurer is acting in good faithA car accident claim must be filed, whether or not you choose to work with an injury lawyer. A car accident case involves several moving parts, including lawyers, police officers/reports, insurance companies, and witnesses, to name a few. Moreover, if your situation is complex, including the inability to prove lost wages, experience future pain and suffering, or injured without insurance, you should contact an attorney immediately!

What To Do After An Accident

Pain and suffering, lost wages, increased medical bills and future damages can occur from a car accident. If you do not handle the aftermath of an accident correctly, it can haunt you for years to come.

As soon as you’ve experienced an auto accident, you should:

  • Call an injury lawyer ASAP (BEFORE you speak with the insurance company)
  • Take photos and video of the accident scene. Document damages and injuries.
  • Do not lie to the insurance companies!
  • Keep track of your injuries and damages. Take adequate note of injuries and damages as they progress.

What Not To Do After An Accident

A car accident can cause heightened emotion, confusion, and anger. It can cause some people to make irrational decisions on the spot. It is important to remember the following when you’ve experienced an auto accident:

  • Don’t provide a written or recorded statement to the insurance companies.
  • Don’t accept an unfair settlement offer.
  • Don’t accept a settlement marked as “final payment.” If you accept this check, you may be foregoing your right to pursue further action.
  • If you are injured, don’t put off getting medical treatment. Do this as soon as possible!

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