Questions To Ask A Car Accident Witness

If there are witnesses to your accident, they can be an invaluable asset for strengthening your case and getting you the settlement you deserve. To make effective use of witnesses, you and your accident lawyer will have to strategically decide what questions to ask them. Below are a few different (and effective) questions you can ask a witness of your accident:

1. Can you tell me how the accident occurred?

This is a great first question to ask because it provides the witness to give their own description of the events that took place, from their point of view. This can be crucial as they can add details that you may not have even realized took place. Once they tell you their version of the accident, you can better put the pieces together to build a strong, concrete case.

2. Can you describe how the accident occurred?

Once you’ve received their point of view, you’ll want to dive in deeper to extract any details possible. A few questions you can ask are:

  • What lane and/or positioning was each vehicle in?
  • What were the road conditions?
  • Did either vehicle attempt to avoid the accident?
  • How fast would you say each vehicle was going?
  • Did any of the drivers appear distracted?
  • What did the vehicles/drivers do immediately after the accident?

3. Where were you when the accident occurred?

Was your witness driving? Were they bystanders?

4. How far were you from the accident site?

Gauging a witness’s distance from the scene of a crash can be a very helpful indicator that they had a clear vantage point of the scene of the accident.

5. What did you do after the crash?

How a witness responds to an accident can tell you whether or not your accident is as serious as the driver’s claim. Did the witness immediately call for help? Did they rush to your vehicle to offer help? Did they take photos/videos of the accident scene?

6. Do you know anyone involved in the crash?

The most trustworthy witness is a completely unbiased third-party. If the witness is directly (or indirectly) related to either of the drivers, you should issue caution as they could provide a biased description of how they believe the accident happened.

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