Questions To Ask An Attorney After A Car Accident

If you have been involved in an accident and are in the process of consulting with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer, then you may find yourself wondering, “what questions should I ask an attorney for a car accident?” This is somewhat of a trick question. If you are speaking with the best and most experienced attorney, they should answer all your questions before you even have to ask them. This is because a good attorney will be able to determine the key issues of your particular case, as you are telling them your version of events. We will give you a general rundown of what to expect when interviewing an attorney.

Am I At All Liable For The Accident?

The first thing that your attorney will have you do, after perhaps going through some personal background information, is going through the events leading up to the accident. They will ask you follow up questions so they can get a clear understanding of any sort of liability issues. Liability issues are important. They can determine whether or not there is a case or whether or not anything needs to be done to establish fault on the other driver. Important information to discuss is the existence of any witnesses, videos, photos, or other types of evidence that can support your version of events. It is very common for liability to be disputed, with it coming down to a word versus word argument on behalf of both parties. It is important to disclose the existence of any evidence that could help or harm your case. That is right, you need to tell your attorney all of the information, even if you feel that it weakens your case.

Everything that you tell your attorney is confidential and they will instruct you on the best course of action to strengthen your case but in order to do so, they need to be apprised of the entire situation, not just the good stuff that supports your case.

What Are My Injuries Worth?

Next, your attorney will ask you about the injuries that you sustained in the auto accident. This is important because injuries form the basis of a bodily injury claim. Without injuries, there is no bodily injury claim. Your attorney needs to know what doctors you have already seen and what doctors you plan to see in the future. A good personal injury lawyer will provide valid insight on the course and direction of your treatment. Based on this conversation, you may be able to gather a bit of info on the potential value of your case.

What Are The Policy Limits?

You will also discuss who the “defendant” of the accident is. The defendant can be the driver of the other vehicle, the driver of the vehicle which you were occupying (if you were a passenger), or the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident. Sometimes the defendant is an individual, other times the defendant is a company. If the defendant is a business entity, then you are likely dealing with a commercial insurance policy.

Commercial insurance policies typically carry higher policy limits on individual policies. However, that is not always the case. We have seen commercial vehicles that only carry the state minimum policy limits, while at other times, we have seen individual policies with millions of dollars in coverage and everything in between.

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What Are My Responsibilities As A Client?

After you have provided the above information to your attorney, they will describe the process. They will inform you that your only real “homework” is to go to doctor’s appointments and keep the law firm apprised in any changes in treatment. The rest will be handled by your attorney. They will set up claims, preserve evidence, send letters to the insurance companies in regards to their representation, request police reports, interview witnesses, and request medical records. All you should have to do is focus on recovering from your injuries.


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