The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is estimated to be around 20%. In other words, 20% of all automobile accidents include commercial or company vehicles. That said, if you have been hit by a company car, you’re probably wondering what you should do next. What are your options for compensation, and how can you achieve the justice that you are entitled to?

A company vehicle is considered any truck, bus, van, or car that is owned by a company and operated by its agents that is typically used to transport people or goods. Company vehicles are covered under commercial insurance policies as opposed to traditional auto insurance policies, and they fall subject to very specific roadway laws. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident with a company vehicle, the process for recovering is slightly different when compared to a traditional car accident.

Due to the complex laws and insurance coverages for commercial and company cars, the process for recovering damages can become quite intricate. Commercial insurance policies are highly protective of their insured drivers. Insurance adjustors will make every attempt to avoid paying, or reduce the amount paid, following a crash. For that reason, if you have been involved in a company vehicle accident, it is critical that you seek the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer who understands how to fight the insurance companies and secure maximum compensation for your crash.

I was hit by a company car. What should I do next?

hit by company carIf you were hit by a company vehicle, the accident could have been caused by any number of reasons. From distracted driving, reckless driving, aggressive driving, and even driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; whatever the reason may be, if you have experienced serious injury from the accident, you are entitled to collect compensation under Nevada personal injury law.

Typically speaking, companies are held liable for their employees’ actions while their employees are working. Therefore, if you were hit by a company vehicle, and the employee was considered to be working at the time of the accident, the company that owns the vehicle and employed the driver will be held responsible for your damages.

Determining fault in a company vehicle crash

The State of Nevada employs a modified comparative negligence rule which indicates that if more than one driver is involved in an accident, each driver can, in theory, maintain a percentage of fault for the accident. As long as you are found less than 50 percent responsible, you may still pursue damages based on the percentage of fault you are given. If you are found more than 50 percent responsible, you are not entitled to collect.

In other words, if you are found 30 percent responsible for a crash, your final financial award will be reduced by 30 percent.

Insurance adjusters and their respective attorneys will work diligently to establish fault following an accident involving a company car. Oftentimes, investigators will be sent to the scene of the accident within hours of the event. They will be looking for any evidence that proves you, the injury victim, hold responsibility for the accident. They may contact you immediately after to offer you a quick settlement offer. However, this offer is typically peanuts compared to what you are actually allowed to recover.

They may try to steamroll you into believing that they are doing you a favor due to your assumed percentage of fault. Do not fall victim to these sneaky tactics. Instead, contact a reputable accident lawyer who can help protect your rights.

Accident in a company vehicle. Who is responsible?

If you are in a work car accident, the business who owns the vehicle will likely employ all resources available to them to avoid paying for your damages. Therefore, their team of attorneys and insurance adjusters will closely examine all drivers involved in an attempt to discover the cause of the accident. Common causes of accidents involving company vehicles include:

  • Distracted driving: if a driver was operating a cell phone at the time of the accident, or engaging in any other type of activity that diverted their attention away from the road, they could, and likely would, be cited for distracted driving.
  • Reckless driving: Speeding, following too closely, and illegal lane changes are considered to be reckless driving.
  • Unsafe road conditions: Construction zones, freeway debris, and weather can all contribute to unsafe road conditions.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: One of the leading causes of accidents in Las Vegas involves DUIs. Truck drivers often rely on alcohol, drugs, or other medications in order to stay awake while engaging in long commutes.

Accident in a company car? Contact The Injury Firm

If you have been hit by a company car, you should contact our commercial vehicle accident attorney immediately. The company that owns the vehicle you were hit by is likely already working vigorously to determine fault and place as much blame on you as possible. At The Injury Firm, our lawyers are experienced and aggressive injury attorneys who understand how to combat the biggest of companies in a personal injury claim. We have over a decade of experience protecting injury victims’ rights, and we are available to take your call 24/7.