Will medical bills come out of my settlement?

Typically speaking, when you settle a claim, it is over. You are settling on the condition that you cannot come back at a later date in the event your injury worsens or new symptoms develop. The insurance company will require you to sign a document surrendering your right to future damages prior to issuing your settlement check. Your settlement estimate will show a final amount paid on an injury claim. The itemized list will typically include past and future pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other common damages.

Paying your medical bills

You will need to pay off any unpaid medical bills from the final settlement amount. Doctors will generally work with you to get your bills as low as possible so you may be left with a handsome settlement amount. This is especially common if the policy limits are low and your medical bills are high.

Legal fees and other settlement costs

If you hire a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, their fees will also come out of the final settlement amount. You should make sure your attorney works on contingency, which means they only receive a payment if they win an award from the insurance company. In other words, if your attorney is unsuccessful in securing a settlement, you will not be obligated to pay them for their service. Additional costs that may or may not be covered under a contingency fee agreement include court filing costs, medical record requests, and pre-trial costs, such as mediation/arbitration and/or deposition. Although these costs are typically paid by the attorney, you should make sure you inquire prior to signing a retainer agreement.

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