A sad day, another motorcyclist was killed in a crash in North Las Vegas, Nevada on September 4, 2018.  The 38-year-old motorcycle operator was declared to have died at the scene of the accident.  The accident appears to have been the fault of a blue sedan, who violated the right of way of the motorcycle operator. The driver’s negligence makes this situation even more tragic.

Las Vegas Personal injury lawyer, Brian Boyer comments, “Deaths from motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are all too common.  Motorcycles have no real safety features other than its intrinsic maneuverability and stopping power features due to their lightweight design.

If a motorcycle is hit by a car or a motorcycle hits a car, the likely hood of injury is severe.  Even a minor accident involving a motorcycle can result in serious injuries as a motorcycle operator has very minimal protection from impacts.  Helmets do save lives but can only do so much when high speeds and hard impacts are involved.  It is recommended that motorcycle operators wear protective clothing in addition to a helmet.  Still, a motorcycle operator can be killed in the blink of an eye if they are hit by another car or collides with a stationary object.

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Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling motorcycle accidents.  Our attorneys have first-hand experience with motorcycles, owning several bikes throughout the years for transportation and recreational purposes.  Our attorneys have a great deal of respect for motorcycle drivers, considering the danger that motorcyclists are exposed to day in and day out in the Las Vegas Valley.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you should immediately call the Injury Firm | Las Vegas to speak to an attorney about your case. We will aggressively pursue your case and ensure you receive the recovery that you deserve.  The Injury Firm | Las Vegas also serves North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Mountains Edge, Green Valley, and Boulder City.  Don’t have transportation after your car accident?  We can come to you.  We do house calls as part of our mandate to offer the best possible customer service as any other law firm in Las Vegas. “
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