With heavy hearts we comment on the events that occurred on July 12, 2020, leaving a 1-year-old baby (Royce Hubbard-Jones), the fatal victim of a car accident involving both of his parents (Laura Prescia and Cameron Hubbard-Jones).  The most recent developments reveal that the parents were texting each other about becoming intoxicated and “playing tourists” at the Fashion Show Mall only hours before the fatal crash.   The 1-year-old boy was in the back seat of the mother’s vehicle when the crash occurred.  The baby was thrown from the vehicle.  A truly sad turn of events for a poor little boy.  The parents are being charged with second-degree murder, child abuse, and reckless driving.

Driving under the influence plays a major role in fatal car accidents.  Accidents stemming from driving under the influence are big motivators for insurance companies to settle because of the risk to their insured’s of an excess verdict (a verdict in excess of the insured’s policy limits).  This is not because of the availability of potential punitive damages (as insurance companies are typically not required to pay punitive damages, only compensatory damages).  It s because juries will often become inflamed or angry at the defendant for causing an accident while drunk, resulting in high amounts for compensatory damages.  Insurance companies realize this and therefore will try to settle DUI cases quickly without litigation.  If they fail to tender the policy limits of their insured quickly, then they run the risk of exposing their insured to a jury verdict in the six to seven-figure range (depending on the injuries of the plaintiff).  This is not something that insurance companies take lightly.

You should avoid driving while intoxicated.  The parents of the child involved in this accident not only destroyed their son’s life, but they also ruined their own lives in the process, as not only will they have to think of this moment the rest of their lives, they will likely serve a considerable amount of time in prison.  Coming back to their normal lives from an event like this will be difficult and unlikely.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you should immediately contact an attorney that is experienced at handling accidents resulting from drunk drivers or drivers that were impaired.  A lawyer that knows how to handle these types of accidents can quickly resolve the case, so you can move on with your life.  Contact the Injury Firm | Las Vegas to speak with injury Lawyer, Brian Boyer about any accident you or a family member may have been involved in Nevada.


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