09/03/2020 – Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) is currently conducting an investigation into a wrong-way car accident that happened early this afternoon in the northwest Las Vegas Valley.

The crash happened on northbound Interstate 215 by the Far Hills exit.

The people in the car had minor injuries, and it is unclear whether or not alcohol was a contributing factor.  The occupants of the vehicles were very lucky to avoid serious injury.  The photos of the vehicles are quite gruesome, they appear to be totaled as a result of this accident.


Wrong-way accidents can be very frightening for all people involved because they can result in head-on collisions.  The velocity from a head-on collision is dangerous because of the forces involved.  The potential for injury in these types of car accidents is likely to cause injury to the occupants.  The damage to the vehicles is often very costly as well because it will typically involve crushed engines and cooling systems.  This is because most cars have their engines in the front along with the radiators.  These parts of the vehicle are expensive to fix when damaged and can cost a great deal if they need replacement.  Often resulting in a total loss of the vehicle.

Liability is oftentimes easy to determine in a wrong-way accident because it will involve one driver completely disobeying the rules of the road and they will be 100% at fault for causing the accident unless there was something clear and easy that they could have done to avoid the accident.

Even if the injuries from a wrong-way/head-on collision do not seem to be serious at first, they can easily turn serious if you do not properly treat the injuries.  Soft tissue injuries are hard to diagnose because they cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Soft tissue injuries are normally just a subjective feeling of pain by the injured party.  Not only is it hard to diagnose these types of injuries, but it is also difficult to treat them due to the subjective nature of the complaints by the patients.

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