Car Accidents Involving Broken Glass Injury

A car accident can result in significant injuries, some of which you may not expect. You may connect car accident injuries with injuries such as broken bones, soft-tissue damage, and even a concussion and/or whiplash. But one of the lesser talked about injuries that may arise from a car accident can be a laceration from broken glass.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, it is likely that you’ll be left dealing with a significant amount of broken glass. In a moments notice, your windshield can break and send glass flying in every direction. Although car manufacturers have designed windshields to prevent shattering, a broken windshield can still lead to serious injuries. In addition to a broken windshield, your side, rear, and top (if applicable) windows (and mirrors) are also at risk for shattering.

Car Accident Injuries Involving Broken Glass

Broken glass can be very dangerous in that it is sharp. Large fragments can cause lacerations that require stitches and can result in a dangerous amount of lost blood. If the cuts are deep, they can be even more damaging to vital organs, arteries, and more.

Cuts from broken glass in an auto accident can also lead to increased risk of infection which can ultimately affect your entire body. Depending on where your cuts are located, the damage can result in loss of mobility, functionality, and healing time will vary by laceration.

What are Some Types of Broken Glass Injuries in Car Accidents?

There are a variety of ways that one may suffer in the event of a broken glass injury resulting from a car accident. Although your cuts may be shallow, they can lead to infection. The deeper the cut, the more severe the injury, and the more blood you risk losing. A serious cut can be life-threatening and lead to loss of limb, functionality, and permanent cosmetic defect.

Can I recover financial compensation due to a broken glass injury?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident due to broken glass, you may be entitled to financial compensation. That is, if your injury is derived from the negligence of another party or individual. In the event you’ve suffered from a broken glass injury, you can include these damages in your personal injury claim.

Recoverable damages from a broken glass injury

If you’ve experienced injury from broken glass in a car accident, your recoverables will include both economic and non-economic damages, starting with your medical bills. Any medical bills derived as a result of your injuries can, and should, be included in your claim. Secondly, you’ll have collateral financial damages. These damages include any lost wages and/or income. Finally, you can recover for pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.

How do I claim pain and suffering for a broken glass injury?

As mentioned above, pain and suffering is a recoverable damage in the event you’ve experienced a broken glass injury. The amount you may recover can be quite large given a few reasons. First and foremost, broken glass injuries are excruciating. Glass cuts, even if they are minor, can take a long time to heal. Moreover, certain lacerations can cause permanent cosmetic damage. Even though you may heal, your scarring can be permanent. Permanent cosmetic damage (scarring) is basis for a high compensation award. Simply put, if your injuries become more painful over time and cause permanent damage, your pain and suffering payout will undoubtedly increase as your personal injury claim progresses.

Medical treatment for a broken glass injury

There is one thing that I tell every client that walks through my doors: follow your doctors orders! It is imperative that you follow all orders as directed by your physician while you’re recovering from a broken glass injury. You must be able to show that you are treating your injuries to the best of your ability and that you sincerely want to recover. If you do not follow your doctors orders, the insurance companies can argue that you’re not truly concered with getting better, and this can negatively impact your injury claim significantly. Abiding by your doctors orders is the best way to ensure your compensation for broken glass injuries after a car accident are fair.

How to prove broken glass injury in a car accident

Your proof will start with a testimony by your medical care provider. If you have any photos of the accident, specifically images that document broken glass, the images will become essential when it comes time to proving your injuries are directly related to the car accident. Moreover, a police report and/or sworn witness statements surrounding the details of the crash will also hold a lot of weight. The more evidence you have, the better off you will be.

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