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Injured At Walmart? Do You Need A Walmart Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve fallen victim to injury at a Las Vegas Walmart store, you are not alone.  We have handled countless cases against the multi-billion dollar corporation with impressive results.  Through our experience, we have gained some useful insight into what you need to do if you are injured inside a Walmart store.

One thing that should be considered from the outset is just because you were injured inside of a Walmart store, does not mean that Walmart is responsible for your injury.  In order for Walmart to be found responsible, Walmart usually, through one of its employees, must engage in some sort of negligent act or failure to act.  By far the most common type of accident suffered on Walmart property is slip and falls.

This type of evaluation should be made by an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

What is a negligent act?

This is usually the result of a Walmart guest making a mess of some sort, such as spilling a liquid and causing another guest to slip and fall.  If that is the case, how does Walmart become liable or responsible for the fall?  The answer may seem simple on its fact but is in fact very difficult to prove.

Under those circumstances, it must be proven, not only that the substance on the floor was dangerous, but that Walmart either (1) knew or (2) should have known about the injury.

To make things even more difficult, Walmart has adopted a different standard for the upkeep of their stores.  They have implemented an “if you see it, report it, and stand by the dangerous condition to warn guests until it is clean” type of standard.  This is usually a difficult standard to overcome.  Especially because Walmart will remove cases to Federal Court any chance they get in order to avoid the loose discovery standards found in State Court.  One of the few ways to circumvent their unique internal maintenance standards is to attack them on other grounds, such as failing to preserve evidence.

You need an experienced Walmart Accident Lawyer

It is important to remember, however, that Nevada law does NOT require the owner of a property to have absolute knowledge of every possible dangerous condition on every square inch of their property at all times.  However, the attorneys at The Injury Firm Las Vegas excel in arguing the reasonableness approach — a legal theory that has been adopted to determine whether a business has acted reasonably in response to maintaining their property for the public (this is usually determined by records that we are able to dig up, including sweep logs, to see how often employees are checking the property for hidden dangers.) 

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Note: Walmart has specific internal procedures for saving video evidence if they are put on notice of a slip and fall or another type of accident involving injuries on their property.  If a skilled law firm so you can have an experienced lawyer like the ones that work at the Injury Firm Las Vegas to assist you in your injury matter against a negligent party, whether it be a business, like Walmart, or an individual.

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