Safe driving tips from Attorney, Brian M. Boyer.

Professional driving tips to help you drive better, safer, and smarter

Like most of us, you probably learned how to drive in your mom’s car in an empty parking lot at a mere 20 MPH while she sat in the passenger seat, wide-eyed, fearing for both of your lives. Thanks to mom’s bravery, you can now successfully operate a vehicle with the rest of us who hold a state-issued driver’s license. Unfortunately, not every lesson learned by mom sticks with us. Each year in the Las Vegas valley, there are over 300 motor vehicle accidents and fatalities due to negligent motor vehicle operation. Granted, some accidents are caused by defective automobiles and other issues that are out of our control; the fact of the matter is that most other accidents can be avoided.

For over 100 years now, some of the best drivers in the world have perfected their driving skills by educating themselves on the forces at play while operating a vehicle, how a vehicle works, and refreshing themselves on the rules of the road.

As a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney, race car driver and life-long enthusiast, I’ve learned a thing or two about safe driving.  In this guide, I’ll go over the following material to help you become a better, safer, and smarter driver:

Course Syllabus

→ The Physics of Driving
Vehicle Mechanics and Safety Features
→ Nevada Driver Safety Requirements
→ Understanding the Rules of the Road

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