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How Driving Like A Race Car Driver Can Make You A Better Driver

Like most of us, you probably learned how to drive in your mom’s car in an empty parking lot at a mere 20mph while she sat in the passengers seat, wide-eyed, fearing for both of your lives. Thanks to mom’s bravery, you can now successfully operate a vehicle with the rest of us who hold a state issued drivers license. Unfortunately, not every lesson learned by mom sticks with us. Each year in the Las Vegas valley, there are over 300 motor vehicle accidents and fatalities due to negligent motor vehicle operation. Granted, some accidents are caused by defective automobiles and other issues that are out of our control; the fact of the matter is that most other accidents can be avoided.

For over 100 years now, some of the best drivers in the world have perfected their driving skills on the track, where they learn pro-driving techniques that 99.9% of the rest of the population does not know about. And do you want to know what? There’s no reason you can’t head to one of our preferred Las Vegas race tracks and learn these skills, too! Unless you’re terrified of going fast, in which case–I’m happy to spell it out for you (literally).

As a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney, race car driver and life-long enthusiast, I’ve learned a thing or two about performance driving.  Here are some of the proven techniques used by actual race-car drivers on the race-track that you should put into practice each time you get behind the wheel. They’ll make your school drop off, errand runs, and work commute safer, more enjoyable, and they’ll even make you a better driver!

Course Syllabus

The Physics of Driving
→ Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance
→ Mind/Body Control

As accidents are happening at an unusually high rate in the Las Vegas valley, it is only natural to want to prevent an accident, and heaven forbid an injury, from happening to you or your loved ones. The standard test we take as teenagers is a one-and-done deal; surprisingly, although the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) requires a drivers license renewal, they do not require you to retake the driving test (usually).

That fact is quite terrifying. And although the Nevada  State Insurance premiums just increased, the number of  uninsured/uninsured drivers the minimum coverage is still low when compared the potential medical bill debt you could accrue as a result of an accident injury. Therefore, we commend you on your decision to want to enhance your driving skills and knowledge of traffic safety!

At The Injury Firm, we want to see you and your families as safe as possible while on the road. Therefore, we have written this guide for you on enhanced motorist safety. Please read through and advise of any questions you may have!


If you wish to further your education beyond my free guide…

1.) Selecting A Driving School

You should know that most advanced driving courses include a classroom component with lecture. Although this can be beneficial, it is crucial that your course includes an actual hands-on driving experience. You can read about acceleration, but until your foot is on the gas petal, you won’t have a genuine understanding of what you have read in class. You should also ensure your hands-on driving experience includes an obstacle course for students to test and practice the skills they have learned.

The more hours on the road, the better. So make sure your advanced driving course offers the best bang for your buck.

2.) Safety Must Always Come First!

Ask about your driving conditions  and instructor experience before you enroll. Have they been in an accident before? A huge purpose of an advanced driving course is to simulate dangerous driving conditions, like slick roads, icy roads or sharp turns. Ensure they provide adequate safety equipment and an on-site medical staff.

3.) Check pricing before writing a check

If you wish to further your education beyond my guide, you should be sure to check pricing on your desired course. Advanced driving lessons vary in terms of cost, but the ballpark average we have found is between $300-$500 per course. Generally speaking, the is only a few days long.

You should also check with the vendor’s refund policy in the event you are unable to attend.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Las Vegas car accident that was caused by the negligence of another person or entity, you are not alone. Do not feel intimidated by the thought of pursuing legal action. In most cases, it is the only way to attain justice and gain the financial support you need for a successful recovery. Let Las Vegas injury attorney J.W. Boyer and his aggressive legal team fight on your behalf. Don’t get lowballed by insurance companies. Instead, call (702) 800-0988, today, for a free case evaluation by the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyer in town!

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