If you have been injured on a vacation or work trip to Las Vegas, you may have a viable personal injury case. Contact our Las Vegas vacation injury lawyer to discover your options for recovery.

Types of injury cases

There are many different types of personal injury cases that can happen in Las Vegas. For instance, you may have been injured due to a car accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, food poisoning, product liability, negligent security, assault and battery, or other types of premise liability. These types of cases can cause serious injuries that require an experienced Nevada attorney to pursue the proper defendant, whether it be an AirBnb, hotel, VRBO, another type of business, or a private individual.

The most common types of cases that seem to happen to people while visiting Las Vegas are slip and falls and car accidents.

Slip and falls

Many of the slip and falls occur due to individuals, who slip and fall as a result of a slippery substance in a hotel or casino. These types of cases can be quite complex because establishing liability is no small feat. You must show that the hotel or casino was somehow responsible for the dangerous condition on the floor. This is difficult because you must show that either an employee of the hotel or casino directly caused the dangerous condition or that they were aware or should have been aware of the condition and failed to take reasonable steps to discover and remedy the problem. This can be achieved through video surveillance, witness testimony, sweep logs, or other types of evidence. As slip and fall cases can be difficult to win, it is paramount that you retain a slip and fall attorney that has vast experience in dealing with these types of claims.

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Car accidents

Car accidents are another common source of injury while visiting Las Vegas. Car accidents in Las Vegas are complicated by the fact that many involve intoxicated drivers, rideshare operators, taxi companies, and other types of commercial vehicles. These complicating factors require expert legal involvement to ensure that you are getting the best possible representation. If you do not hire an attorney that is experienced in dealing with these issues, then your case could quickly be put into jeopardy. The car accident lawyers at the Injury Firm | Las Vegas has handled thousands of personal injury cases with amazing results. Contact us immediately if you were injured in Las Vegas.

Applicable law for recovery

If you were injured in Las Vegas, Nevada, then you must understand that the laws of Nevada apply. Therefore, you should hire an attorney that is licensed to practice law in Nevada. Many people make the mistake of hiring an attorney in the area where they reside. However, this is problematic for several reasons. First, if the attorney in your state is not licensed to practice of law in Nevada, he or she would be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. If your attorney is willing to engage in the unauthorized practice of law, they may be willing to engage in other unethical practices. Second, they may not be privy to the nuances of Nevada law. For instance, the collateral source rule does not apply in Nevada. So your medical bills are part of your damages, regardless of whether they are paid for by health insurance. This plays a direct role in the development of your case and hiring an attorney that is unaware of this substantial benefit could have a negative impact on your case.

Treatment of a Las Vegas vacation injury

If you were injured in Las Vegas or Henderson, you can always utilize one of our many great health facilities while you are still in town. Hospitals in Las Vegas, are required to treat you for your injuries, even if you do not have health insurance that works out of state. It is actually good for your personal injury case if you treat right after the incident, that way there is no gap in treatment and it is easier to prove causation, later on down the line, if there are medical records that support the incident causing the injury in question.

Once you are back in your own town, you are free to utilize the health system where you live. However, you may want to have an attorney experienced in the field of personal injury to vet the potential healthcare providers to make sure that they are going to make records that will support a personal injury claim.

Contact a Las Vegas vacation injury lawyer

The Injury Firm | Las Vegas will contact doctors in other states to make sure that they have experience handling personal injury cases and will ask key questions to make sure that they will be a good fit for our out-of-state clients. We have many clients that are out of state. Due to the technology that we utilize in our firm, we do not skip a beat just because our clients are not in the same state as us. As a reminder, our founding attorney, Brian M. Boyer, is licensed to practice in both Nevada and California.

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