North Las Vegas Car Accident Kills 9 – Updated January 31, 2022 –

Seven of the nine people killed in a North Las Vegas reckless-driving car accident were family members. Four of those family members were adolescents ranging in age from 5 to 15 years of age. The remaining three were young adults under the age of 35.

Two others who succumbed to fatal injuries were traveling in a Dodge Challenger who ran through a red light in excess of 100 mph in a 35 mph speed limit zone.

The crash happened at the intersection of Cheyenne Ave and Commerce St. At least four other occupants in separate vehicles were injured, as reported by police.

This North Las Vegas car accident that killed 9 has been reported as the deadliest car crash in Clark County, Nevada in quite some time.

The Clark County Coroner identified the family members killed in the Toyota Sienna as Fernando Yeshua Mejia, 5; Adrian Zacarias, 10; Lluvia Daylenn Zacarias, 13; Bryan Axel Zacarias, 15; Gabriel Mejia-Barrera, 23; David Mejia-Barrera, 25; and Jose Zacarias-Caldera, 35. All family members were residents of North Las Vegas.

The driver of the Challenger has been identified as Gary Dean Robinson, 59. His passenger has not yet been identified.

Our hearts go out to the surviving family members of the deceased. We cannot imagine the pain that they are left to endure following such a senseless act. This is a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented had one person chosen to obey the rules of the road.


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