When an insurance company illegally denies a claim, prolongs payment on a claim, or engages in other forms of insurance bad faith or unethical practices, you have options for fighting back. In the State of Nevada, consumers have a variety of options available to hold these insurance companies accountable for their actions.

The Injury Firm Las Vegas has over a decade of experience fighting insurance companies, and our law firm understands what it takes to achieve maximum compensation in an insurance bad faith claim. If you believe your insurance company has acted negligently or otherwise engaged in unfair claims practices, contact our law office for a free consultation. Call (702) 800-0988 or use the contact form on this page to schedule your consultation.

What to expect from the insurance company

Although we would like to think otherwise, the insurance companies are not on our side.  Even if you’ve paid your premium on time, your injuries are life-changing and not your fault, insurance companies are in business to make money, not give it away… so they will do everything in their power to ensure they pay as little as possible for any given claim. This is important to remember when you are dealing with a car accident in Las Vegas, NV.

Insurance Bad Faith Las Vegas

What is bad faith insurance?

Bad faith insurance is basically an insurance company failing to act reasonably and according to law by mishandling a claim. Bad faith is simply stating that the insurance carrier has not made a good-faith effort to resolve a claim. In fact, many insurance companies breach their duty for due care more often than you would like to think, leaving hundreds of unknowing victims in their tracks.

Typical examples of bad faith insurance practices

There are plenty of ways insurance companies can breach their duty of care to injury victims and their policyholders. They will often do this in an attempt to save on costs. Some of the more common bad faith practices include:

• Failure to adequately investigate the accident
• Failing to communicate with the parties to the accident
• Failing to honor the policy at play
• Stalling, delaying the process
• Denying a valid claim
• Offering much less than what a claim is worth
•  Threatening, harassing, or intimidating the claimant

If you believe you have fallen victim to a bad faith insurance claim in Las Vegas, NV, please contact our law firm immediately for a free consultation. Our injury lawyers are available to take your call at any time. Call (702) 800-0988 for a free consultation.

How can a lawyer help you?

Unless you have extensive legal experience handling insurance claims, you’d likely have the lower-hand if you attempt to pursue a personal injury claim on your own. Insurance companies are well-equipped to handle multiple lawsuits at any given time, and they have an extensive legal team working on their side. For that reason, you will need one on your side. The best way to ensure a successful case is to contact our lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada if you believe you Insurance companies have years of practice devaluing client claims, plenty of resources at their dispense and aggressive legal teams. The best way to protect your rights during a claim is by hiring a lawyer in Las Vegas to represent you. As your lawyer, we will negotiate ruthlessly and fight for maximum financial compensation on your behalf.

Call our Las Vegas bad faith insurance attorney today

At The Injury Firm Las Vegas, we know how insurance companies operate and we can identify the sneaky bad faith tactics they use. Our top priority is to ensure each client that walks through our door is treated fairly in the eyes of the insurance companies. We are dedicated to fighting for you and your loved ones following a car accident or any other type of personal injury accident to ensure maximum compensation is reached.

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