Have you been injured in Las Vegas? Was it private property, a business, or public space? Below you will find a pretty standard checklist to determine who to sue. However, the limited analysis contained in this article is in no way intended to be a replacement for retaining a local las vegas personal injury lawyer, such as those at The Injury Firm | Las Vegas to assist you in your claim.

Determine who owns the property

First thing is first, look up who owns the property where you fell. An excellent resource to use is for litigating properties in Las Vegas, Nevada is to check out the Clark County Assessor’s page. That should be a start to determine who owns the property where you were injured. However, your health is important. Instead of searching through thousands of records, we recommend you focus on recovering and…

Let your Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney do the work for you

las vegas personal injury attorneyWe recommend this because the owner of the property is not always the individual or entity that is responsible for your injuries. For instance, was the property owner simply leasing to an individual or business? It IS possible that the person or business that is responsible for your injuries is the responsible party (not the legal property owner). This can be easy to determine if you know who the business or individual is. Things can get tricky if the business is operating under a d/b/a (which stands for “doing business as”). To determine the true name of a business, you may want to use the Clark County Fictitious Firm Name search engine. This is an excellent resource to determine what the proper name of the company is.

As an additional safeguard, you may want to crosscheck that name with the Nevada Secretary of State to make sure that you are suing the properly named entity for purposes of locating and service of a registered agent.

Things can become even more complicated from there. For example, the business could be a foreign entity (registered in any state outside of their domestic state). This is a great illustration as to why you should retain a law firm, such as ours, to represent you in your personal injury matter.

A Message From Our Attorneys

“Your health is top priority. Instead of focusing on complicated legal research and paperwork, focus on YOU. At The Injury Firm, we work on contingency. That means you don’t pay a dime until we obtain your cash settlement. Whether you have been injured in a slip and fall, negligent security case, trip and fall, fire hazard, or general dangerous condition, we are here for you as your Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers as you need us.”

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or need a personal injury attorney for a car accident. Please for a free case evaluation.