Under Governor, Steve Sisolak’s orders, our law firm is considered an essential business and we are still open.

Throughout these times of uncertainty, the Injury Firm continues to help clients and meet with the injured residents of Las Vegas for free consultations. We are fortunate to have the equipment and resources necessary to allow us to meet with clients remotely or safely in person.

Therefore, during this time, we have continued to work on existing cases, and take on new ones.

  • We can meet with you via telephone. This saves the injured residents of Las Vegas or those who are uncomfortable leaving their homes, the stress and time of driving to our office and sitting through an in-person interview.
  • We will continue to gather critical information to help build the strongest case possible. While many offices in Las Vegas have shut down, insurance companies and medical offices have been granted permission to remain open, which means there will be no delays in gathering the information that we need, negotiating fair settlement offers, and so forth.

We encourage you and your loved ones to reach out to our law firm immediately following a car accident or another personal injury accident so we may assist you remotely or safely, in-person.

We Retain The Ability To File New Lawsuits

Many have become concerned over the idea that they are unable to file lawsuits during this time. That simply is not the case. The Clark County courts have continued to accept electronic filings, which means there should be no delay in getting your case filed well before your statute of limitations expires.

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You Retain The Ability To Continue To Seek Medical Treatment

Health care facilities like hospitals, doctor offices, and pharmacies were exempted from the state’s closure because they are essential businesses.

One of the biggest questions asked by the insurance companies during the settlement process is whether or not the injury victim received routine care, as ordered by their doctor. Therefore, it is imperative that our clients meet all of their medical appointments, including physical therapy and/or chiropractic care. Many physicians have started offering telephonic medical appointments, which provides you the ability to receive care from the comfort of your own home. However, this is not a uniform practice, so you should be sure to confirm with your provider whether or not they offer this service.

Moreover, various pharmacies, such as CVS, have begun offering home delivery and curbside pickup for prescriptions.

If, for some reason, you are not able to receive telephonic care and/or prescription medications, we can document every precaution that you’ve taken to receive medical care during this time, which means that maintaining open lines of communication during this process is critical to the success of your personal injury claim.

Document Your Accident as You Normally Would

Although the State of Nevada has been under a Stay At Home order, people are still getting into accidents—car wrecks, slip and falls, and so on.

We will continue to file insurance claims during the shutdown, but we need our clients to continue to maintain adequate documentation.

Following an accident, be sure to contact the police immediately, file a report, obtain the names of all witnesses to the accident, take photographic and/or video footage of the scene, and seek medical treatment as quickly as possible to ensure your injuries are treated.

Contact Our Law Firm for Assistance

Although this is a challenging time for all of us in Las Vegas, you can rest assured that the Injury Firm, will continue to provide the same high-quality service that the Las Vegas Valley has learned to expect.

Please contact us today at 702-800-0988. Our team is continuing to meet with new clients and work on existing cases.

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