We’ve been hearing of fatal reckless driving cases left and right as of lately, and unfortunately, we’re reporting on one more…

He was prescribed medical marijuana and it resulted in the reckless driving death of a Las Vegas valley local. Luckily, Jeff Krajnak was issued severely less-than-expected sentencing on 09/26/2018 in the Clark County District Court. He was given five (5) years of supervised probation following his guilty plea on 04/07/2018.  The crash occurred at Boulder Highway and the U.S. 95 and took the life of Peter Napoli. Krajnak was accused of running a red light at an intersection and T-boned Peter’s sedan with his Jeep Wrangler.

Nevada DUI Charges Significantly Reduced

Krajnak initially faced more severe charges as his blood tests showed double the legal limit of legal THC and more than eight times the legal amount of marijuana metabolites in his blood tests. However, he said he’d not used the drug in over 20 hours prior to the fatal crash. Because of this, Krajnak proceeded to hire a private investigator, ended up convincing the prosecutor that Krajnak was not at fault. The investigation concluded that Napoli actually ran the red light, not Krajnak.

Krajnak said he began taking cannabis to help reduce a daily regimen of 11 prescription medications. You can read the full article here.

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