Las Vegas Main Street


There are several things you can do in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you love to shop and gamble, you’ll want to visit the Las Vegas Strip. There are also several museums, and you’ll want to visit the Natural History Museum for its collection of preserved animals and live fish. The Atomic Testing Museum, affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution, is another interesting place to visit, and features artifacts from the Nevada Test Site. It also documents the dramatic history of the atomic age. If you prefer to spend more time learning about history, you’ll find that there are also theatres and art galleries throughout the Las Vegas valley.

For those traveling by car, you’ll find that there are many smaller local towns and cities around the city. Try searching for the cities around Las Vegas, NV. These smaller towns are also worth visiting and should be on your list of destinations if you’re planning a road trip. Just be sure to plan ahead! You’ll be glad you did! If you’re traveling by plane, you can also use the internet to find flights to nearby cities.

The city was first settled by Mormon farmers in 1854, and in 1864, a fort was built. This is when the city’s relationship with the U.S. military began. After the Civil War, the valley became a popular resort and gaming destination. Even today, the Nellis Air Force Base is located in the valley. During winter, the inversions can cause the smog to rise, making it more difficult to breathe.