High winds and flash flooding resulted in several rescues on Sunday, May 10th, 2020 at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. One rescue involved a 3-year-old child after a boat had capsized.

Although no fatalities were reported, it is imperative to remember to practice optimal boating safety while enjoying the Lake Mead Recreation Area. Aside from the fact that treacherous weather can create a dangerous boating environment, you should also bear in mind that water levels have significantly decreased over the years, which means protruding rock beds are in an abundance.

To ensure you create the safest boating environment possible, you should, at a minimum, abide by the following:

  • Practice caution and maintain visibility on the waterways at all times.
  • Avoid boating in dangerous weather.
  • Allow other boaters enough space to travel through a narrow canal.
  • Ensure each passenger is equipped with a life jacket, sunscreen, and water.
  • Do not operate a boat (or any motorized vehicle) while drinking alcohol.

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