Does Chiropractic Treatment Help Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Case?

//Does Chiropractic Treatment Help Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Case?

Does Chiropractic Treatment Help Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Case?

Have you been injured in a car accident or slip and fall?  Have you considered hiring, or have already hired a Las Vegas personal injury attorney? If so, you’ll likely be referred to a chiropractor, chiropractic facility, or physical therapist for an evaluation.  Like many of our clients, you may find yourself asking questions like, “Is this type of treatment beneficial?  Is it going to make me feel better?  Will it increase the value of my case?”  Attorneys are generally not physicians, so we can not tell you whether chiropractic treatment will be beneficial. We can not tell you whether it is going to make you feel better.  However, we can tell you that it will benefit your case by adding some real value to both your economic damages and non-economic damages claim to your potential personal injury case.  Here is why:

Chiropractors offer treatment that has been recognized by insurance companies that undeniably contribute to injury recovery.  Additionally, chiropractors and physical therapists offer treatment that can be done on a regular basis, thereby creating multiple records a week that can substantiate your pain and suffering.  For instance, every time that you treat with a healthcare provider, the provider will ask you how you are feeling.  When the records reflect that you are in some sort of pain or discomfort, that can be used to substantiate your pain and suffering aka non-economic damages claim for that time period, which can dramatically increase the value of your case if you are suffering for a significant period of time.

Client Question #1: Can My Treatment Hurt My Case?

Problems can certainly arise if the chiropractor that you choose (or is chosen for you) does not produce well-articulated records.  Some chiropractic offices simply do not produce good records (we know who the good ones are and vice versa).  If the records associated with your personal injury claim are not good, then they can have the reverse effect, by devaluing your personal injury case.  For instance, some chiropractors will make inaccurate records. These records fail to relate your symptoms to the car accident or slip and fall.  Some will have inaccurate pain scales.  This can be fatal to your personal injury claim.  If conservative therapy with a physical therapist or chiropractor does not help, you may need to be referred to another doctor.  If the records claim that you were feeling better, the insurance adjuster will question why you were referred out.  This is something that a keen insurance defense attorney will use to destroy your credibility to a jury, accusing the Plaintiff of malingering.

Client Question #2: What If I Can’t Afford Treatment?

Chiropractors will typical accept payment on an attorney lien basis, meaning that they will not be paid anything until the end of your case.  This will allow you to treat without having to come up with any payments out of your own pocket.

Our solution?

The Injury Firm has decades of experience in helping victims of personal injury cases. With that, we’ve worked with the best. Our clients can rest assured knowing they are being treated by the most knowledgeable and efficient chiropractors Las Vegas has to offer.

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