6-Car Crash Blocks Maryland Parkway in Henderson, Nevada

12/14/2019, 2:42PM PST - A six-vehicle injury accident on Saturday, December 14, 2019, is blocking all lanes on Maryland Parkway at the intersection of St. Rose Parkway in Henderson, police said. The road will be closed in the area for several hours while an investigation is completed, reported by the Henderson Police Department. Major delays [...]

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2018 The Deadliest Year For Motorists on Nevada Roads Since 2008

2018 Road Crash Report: Deadliest year for motorists on Nevada roads since 2008 There were over 331 fatalities on the Nevada roads in 2018, up 6.4 percent over 2017’s reported deaths, according to data derived from the state Department of Public Safety. That was the largest fatality count in the past decade, according to Andrew [...]

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‘Tis the Season: What to Do If You’re Injured in a Shopping Mall Car Accident

'Tis The Season: Shopping Mall Car Accident 'Tis the season for chaotic shopping malls, car accidents, and slip and falls. During the holiday season, a trip to your local shopping mall is an unavoidable activity for most of us. With increased traffic both on the streets and inside of the mall, potential accident injuries are in [...]

What To Do When You’re Hit By An Uninsured Motorist

Car accidents are inevitable. They'll happen when you least expect them to, and they'll usually happen at the worst time possible. If you are one of the unfortunate drivers who has been hit, you may find some comfort in knowing that you have car insurance coverage. This reassures you that if there are injuries or [...]

Medical marijuana patient involved in fatal crash gets probation

We've been hearing of fatal reckless driving cases left and right as of lately, and unfortunately, we're reporting on one more... He was prescribed medical marijuana and it resulted in the reckless driving death of a Las Vegas valley local. Luckily, Jeff Krajnak was  issued a severely less-than-expected sentencing on 09/26/2018 in the Clark [...]

Tesla’s Spontaneous Combustion Product Defect

Tesla's Spontaneous Combustion Product Defect Tesla's spontaneous combustion product defect analysis: A Tesla driven by actress Mary McCormack's husband spontaneously caught on fire last week according to her Twitter account on June 15, 2018.  She wrote "No accident, out of the blue, in traffic on Santa Monica Blvd. Thank you to the kind couple who [...]

Injured With No Health Insurance? The Attorney’s Lien Makes It Better.

Injured With No Health Insurance? "What if I am injured with no health insurance?" This question comes up quite frequently. If you have been injured in a car accident or slip and fall incident and don't have health insurance, you may be able to seek treatment under an attorney's lien. Attorney's lien on personal injury [...]