In a recent study released by Zero Fatalities, the year 2021 was reportedly the deadliest year since 2007 for drivers in Clark County, Nevada.

2021 fatality statistics

Traffic-related deaths during the first 11 months of the year reached 349, a whopping 20 percent increase from the 292 reported in 2020.

Of the 349 lives lost, nearly half, 150, to be exact, included pedestrians (79) and motorcyclists (71).

Motorcyclists saw a particularly high increase in fatalities, increasing from 55 in November of 2020 to 71 in November of 2021.

Pedestrian-related fatalities decreased only slightly from 79 in 2018 to 71 in November of 2021. 63 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occurred outside of an intersection/on a roadway.

Bicycle-related fatalities accounted for only 2.6 percent of all accidents.

Causes of 2021 fatalities

One of the biggest problems Clark County, NV is currently facing is a severe shortage of law enforcement officers to keep roadways safe. This shortage can likely be attributed to the pandemic alongside the recent 100,000 increase in residents from 2020.

As our roadways have become increasingly busier with less law-enforcement to patrol them, traffic-related crashes are, unfortunately, likely to continue to rise.

Now is a better time than ever to brush up on your defensive driving skills. Practice extra caution at stop-signs and intersections. Wait a few seconds after your light turns green to accelerate. Stay apprised of your surroundings at all times while you are operating your vehicle. Do not, under any circumstance, engage in distracted driving.


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